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Newport Studio

An All-inclusive video production service. 
Record and receive edited footage same day. 
  • High-quality, multi-camera footage
    (Edited version plus raw footage on a USB)

  • Customizable theater space
    (Mirrored dance studio also available)

  • Professional sound equipment

  • Theatrical stage lighting 

  • Extensive amenities


What precautions are you taking with regard to Covid-19?

At the Newport Theater, we take this public health matter very seriously. 

  • Restrooms, common areas, dressing room, and theater will be sanitized multiple times per day 

  • Hand sanitizer and cleaning products available onsite. 

  • Two portable HEPA air purifiers, one with an additional UV filtration system, run on the highest setting for the duration of filming.  We also open the windows and run fans to bring in fresh outside air periodically. 

  • Artists will be provided a private, sanitized dressing room, though we advise artists to arrive with hair/makeup done to minimize touching their face while onsite and to make the most of their allotted time slot. 

  • The onsite crew is limited to a videographer and an editor (and ocassionally an audio/lighting engineer upon request), all of whom will wear a KN-95 mask (protecting both the crew and the artists) provided by the Newport Theater, as well as remain 6 feet away from the artists during recording.

  • Artists will not be required to wear a mask while recording, but are required to wear a mask otherwise. Please do NOT wear a mask with vents. 

  • Infrared temperature checks will be performed on all artists and crew. Those turned away due to fever will be issued a full refund. 

  • We ask that any non-essential personnel not accompany you to your shoot. 

  • If you're filming with a partner, we highly recommend you both get Covid tests before working together. 

What does this service cost?

The artist rates for our packages start at $100 and up for a 2-hour recording session, which includes a lighting /directorial consultation and recording the footage itself. For corporate entities, the rates start at $200 and up. Fill out our Newport Studio Signup form and list your ideas/requirements, and we will provide a quote. 


Our mission statement speaks to assisting artists, which is why we are more than willing to work with you on payment plans, deferred payments, and more. Please contact us for more information, and don't let financial hardship prevent you from reaching out. 

What sort of equipment does the Newport Studio provide?

Please refer to our amenity list for more information. Please note that we partner with other theater spaces, and can often help you source items that aren't on this list - additional microphones, green screens, larger recording spaces, and more - with advanced notice. Please contact us for more details. 

Who is on the onsite crew?


Greg Inda (videographer): Greg Inda is a Chicago-based photographer and videographer specializing in burlesque, event, and nature photography. Learn more on his website!

Eva la Feva (director, editing, lighting, sound): Eva la Feva manages The Newport Theater and will be editing the footage live during your performance through the use of Sling Studio. Eva has been a performer/artist for over a decade, and brings a performer's eye to the video editing process. 

Drew Cohen (advanced lighting and audio): Drew Cohen is a professional sound and lighting engineer available for an additional fee in the event of special lighting/audio needs.

In the event different people will be assisting you for your shoot, you will be notified in advance. 

What other precautions are you taking to keep artists safe?

We want everyone to feel supported and safe onsite. Refer to our Safety Policy for our safety strategy, incident report form/incident report strategy, our values statement, and more. 

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