Bored of education?
come to camp!

Newport Theater is excited to announce the launch of its new series of burlesque, movement, and theater classes - Newport Theater Camp!

Our mission is to introduce you to different art forms in a safe, low-pressure environment and give you a chance to perform onstage. 


We’ll be offering a variety of 6 or 8 week sessions in the heart of Lakeview from professionals that you know and love - including burlesque, dance, Zouk, clowning, and fitness.  Whether you’re getting your groove back or adding some drama for the first time, you can do it with creativity, self-expression, and confidence!


Classes will be held at the Newport Theater in both their mirrored dance rehearsal room and the theater space, which features a sprung dance floor and projection screen capability, depending on class size/subject. Classes are open to all humans of all identities. 

Note: The Newport Theater is located up one flight of stairs with no elevator. All students are required to comply with Newport's safety policy.

QUESTIONS? Write to us at:


Burlesque basics


Unfortunately, both "Burlesque Basics" classes are at maximum capacity.  We are limiting our class sizes out of respect for your health and safety.  Check back in for our next session beginning in April.  Thank you!

Min 5; Max 12 Participants.  8-week session

Instructor: Lilly Rascal (she/her) - Mondays

Instructor: Elle DuJour (she/her) - Saturdays

Bump, grind, strut and strip in a fun, safe, and accepting environment!  Learn the basics of burlesque while creating an original group act with killer choreography! This class is for anyone looking to add a little sparkle into their life (no dance experience required!) Students who complete the full 8-week session will have an opportunity to perform for a live audience following the final class.

Per venue policy, proof of vaccination and masks required.


Chair dance

Min 5; Max 12 Participants.  8-week session

Instructor: Tila Von Twirl (they/them)

Learn chair-centric choreography, balance, warm-ups, stretches, core strength, safety techniques, and more with one of the most well-known chair dance performers in Chicago. No dance experience required, chairs provided. Students who complete the full 8-week session will have an opportunity to perform for a live audience the weekend following the final class.

Per venue policy, proof of vaccination and masks required.

Drop-ins allowed per availability. ($20 cash payments only)


Brazilian social dance

Min 5 Participants  4-week sessions

Instructor: Sydney Schiff (she/her)

Brazilian Zouk is a partnered social dance originally from Brazil that has taken the social dance world by storm!  Unique in its prioritization of connection and virtuosic body movement, it is both a fun social dance for trained dancers as well as an excellent cross training opportunity for artists seeking greater comfort both in their own bodies and working with partners. Come explore this beautiful dance, perform if that's your jam, and meet the warm Chicago dance family at the Newport Zouk monthly social!

Per venue policy, proof of vaccination and masks required.

Drop-ins allowed per availability only for those with prior dance experience. ($20 cash payments only)


Session 1A (4 weeks; Feb 2-23) will consist of a jazz warm up, solo body movement exercises, foundation footwork, partner mechanics, connection techniques, and improvisation tools to access your unique creative voice and styling. At the end of each 90 minute class we will learn a short combo to dig into that day's material and top it off with an improvised social dance to process and apply what you've learned.

In Session 1B (4 weeks; Mar 2-23), we will continue to work on body movement, footwork, partner mechanics, and connection while also learning a short performance routine to present at the end of the session. You are welcome to register if you have taken Session 1a or can pass an evaluation showing you already have the requisite skills to jump into the choreography. 

Session 1A and 1B combined (8 weeks; Feb 2-Mar 23).  

Sign up for both sessions together at a discounted rate! Recommended!

physical comedy

Min 5; Max 12 Participants.  6-week session

Instructors: Hot Clown Company (they/them)

From birthdays to murderers, everyone seems to have feelings about clowns. Clowning can be described as exploring the human experience through personal connection, physical comedy, and failure but it is also A LOT more than that. It can be childlike wonder, unadulterated joy, and even deep sadness. If you would like to discover who your clown is and how they traverse this wild world, then this class is for you.  

Through physical theater exercises, group exploration, and a whole lot of play, this 6-week course will challenge you to be vulnerable and push you to embrace failure all while being truthful along the way. This class is geared towards folks who have never experienced clowning before and would like to learn the basics of the form and discover who their clown is. We hope to create an inclusive and welcoming space that is open to anyone and everyone who is interested. Come play with us!


About the Hot Clown Company:

In 2019, Peyton Storz and Sadie Walton noticed a great divide between Chicago’s famous sketch, standup, and improv comedy community, and their long-lost distant relative: the physical theater and clowning communities. After holding auditions an ensemble was formed and 8 clowns worked together to create HOT CLOWN SEX. Their initial run quickly grew in popularity on The Annoyance Theatre’s main stage. Now, with Evan Richter as company manager, The Hot Clown Company has created five different shows, three of which were full-length cabaret productions that played to sold-out runs. In collaboration with The Newport, they hope to plant the seeds needed to foster a community of physical comedy performers by hosting classes, creating shows, and providing events for people to gather and enjoy the art of clown. Learn more at or @hotclowncompany on Instagram!

Per venue policy, proof of vaccination and masks required.

Drop-ins permitted Weeks 1-3 ($20 cash payments only.)