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Theater Amenities*
  • XENYX 1222FX Sound Board

  • Microphones*

    • 3 corded microphones/stands

    • Wireless handheld mic

    • Lavalier mic

  • DI Box Plug in for instruments

  • Side-stage audio playback

  • 2 back-lit side-stage projectors/screens

  • One central front-lit projector

  • One 9’X8’ central projection screen

  • Velvet Armchair

  • Antique Lamp

  • 2 wooden folding room divider screens

  • Folding TV trays (black)/cigarette girl trays

  • 4 Theater boxes (2 sizes)

  • Bench

  • Stools/cocktail tables and chairs

  • 6' tables

Dressing Room
  • Upright Piano 

  • Keyboard with pedal

  • X-Pole XPert Static/Spinning Pole

  • X-Pole mount  

  • Lit vanity mirrors

  • Attached mirrored dance studio

* This list refers to amenities currently onsite. Additional equipment like microphones, green screens, and props are available through our partners with advance notice, in addition to costuming, technical and set dressing assistance from our network of professional associates. 

Recording Amenities
  • AXIS live stream camera

  • Canon 5D MK4

  • Canon 5D MK3

  • Phones/tablets/devices that support the Sling Camera app

Sling Studio
  • Multi-camera recording with same-day edited footage delivery

  • Graphic overlays

  • Embedded videos, graphics

  • Multi-camera capability for streaming shows

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