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Plan 9 Burlesque 10 Year Anniversary

Plan 9 Burlesque 10 Year Anniversary

Sunday, November 20, 2022

3:30 AM

Against all odds, Plan 9 Burlesque has survived for ten whole years. We're in the double digits baybee! To celebrate we've decided to throw a the form of a burlesque show! Never been to a Plan 9 Burlesque show? Well, there is no Kevin Fiege here so no problem!

What's the theme you ask? Well, to misquote an icon, where we're going we don't need no stinking themes! It's a freaky free for all full of nerdy deep cuts. Come for the nostalgia, stay for the surprises, and weep for the future.

Proof of vaccination required. Bring a mask for going to the bar and bathroom. Updated safety info at
The Newport is up a flight of stairs, but we can arrange a less trafficked access point with a railing. Two all-gender restrooms onsite (one is wheelchair accessible). Learn more at

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