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Transgender Day of Visibility: Like A Boss

Transgender Day of Visibility: Like A Boss

Celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility “Like a Boss” with our stellar cast of all-trans and all-gender nonconforming burlesque, drag, sideshow, and spoken word artists. The gender binary is too small to contain the rich diversity of our identities and talents. We are thrilled to show you how we bend and break the norms while entertaining you!

In collaboration with the Chicago Therapy Collective (CTC), MzMr and Crocodile Lightning curate the show to highlight the #HireTransNOW campaign. This campaign urges employers around Chicago to elevate their businesses to be trans-affirming and end the employment discrimination against our trans community. For more information, visit

Be a part of this movement, be entertained, and bring home beautiful raffle prizes! All proceeds of the ticket sales go towards the #HireTransNOW campaign.

Facebook event link:

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