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Crimson Frolics: A Black and White Silent Circus

Crimson Frolics: A Black and White Silent Circus

Love stories aren't all gushy hearts, hand holding, and saccharine smiles. Love is messy, love is painful, it's passion leads way to chaos, it makes us do things we would never normally do, but always, first and foremost, love is beautiful.
Vintage circus and vaudeville duo, Dashing and Darling, invite you to step under the big top for a black and white silent night of unique story telling like nothing you've ever seen before. A light hearted journey of ups and downs, silly cartoon like comedic moments, awe inspiring circus acts, and touching sentimentality that all plays out on stage like a live action silent film right before your eyes. Featuring an eclectic cast of incredibly talented guest performers weaving in and out to represent the many different aspects of love.

Step right up to The Crimson Frolics!

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