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Mama Disco presents The Gen X Show

Mama Disco presents The Gen X Show

Monday, October 31, 2022

12:00 AM

Were you born between the mid 60s and the early 80s? Did you wear your house key on a shoelace around your neck so you could get into your house after school? Did you watch Saturday Morning Cartoons until golf came on at noon? Remember when the internet wasn't a thing? Are you relived there's no digital record of all the shenanigans you got up to as a teen? Were you born at a later time but appreciate the music and culture of the 70s, 80s, and 90s? Then don your dad's second best flannel and some thrifted combat boots and head to the Newport Theater on 10/30! Mama Disco presents a tribute to the era that made us all say, "...whatever.".

Proof of vaccination required.
Please bring a mask to wear up to the bar/bathrooms
The Newport Theater is up a flight of stairs (no elevator) but a private entrance with a railing and seating near a side door/wheel-chair restroom can be arranged with advance notice. Email for more information or learn more at

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