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Silent Night, Jedi Night: A Star Wars Holiday Spectacular

Silent Night, Jedi Night: A Star Wars Holiday Spectacular

Happy Life Day! Join PS...Burlesque on a journey to a galaxy far, far away this winter for our annual Wookiee holiday celebration!

Inspired by the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, Silent Night, Jedi Knight features some of Chicago's most talented nerdy performers, and is sure to put you in the Life Day spirit. You will see performances by some of your favorite intergalactic characters, including Han Solo, C3PO, Kylo Ren, Padme Amidala, and many more!

The celebration will take place on Friday, December 6th, at The Newport Theater (956 W Newport Ave). Doors open at 9:30pm, and the show starts at 10:00pm.

Tickets: $20

Be sure to bring dollar bills to tip your performers, as well as the wonderful bartenders, who will be serving delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages all night.

Your nerd-tastic cast includes:

Fancy Fontina as Han Solo
Nitty Gritty as Chewbacca
Baum-Shell Belle as Malla, Chewbacca's Wife
Bailey Irish as Luke Skywalker
Paige Weiss as C3PO
Stevie Kinx as Darth Vader
Kitty Schrodinger as Rey
Lottie a la West as Kylo Ren
Heather and Lace as BB-8
Phaedra Black as a Porg
Bina Babey as Padme Amidala
Rylen Aspen as Darth Talon
and Avalon Von Sturm as Bea Arthur as Akmena

Featuring Bettie Attitude as your Ewok Stage Siren
Script by Olivia Sieck

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