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The Lincoln Lodge Presents: Stand By Your Band LIVE!

The Lincoln Lodge Presents: Stand By Your Band LIVE!

Stand By Your Band is a podcast where comedians defend music that people make fun of them for liking, hosted by Tom Thakkar and Tommy McNamara.

For Stand By Your Band LIVE: Battle of the Bands, we have a guest judge along with Tom and Tommy, and 8 comics, each representing a band people make fun of them for liking. Each comic goes head to head in a roast battle-y match with another comic about the bands they are representing for 2 minutes each. The winner moves on to the next round of the tournament, and the loser gets the choice to leave or to join up with the band they just lost to in the next round. One band wins the tournament. Audience wins prizes for filling out correct brackets before the show! The whole thing is roughly 90 minutes. Each show is recorded and broadcast as our podcast.

Tommy McNamara and Tom Thakkar host w/ special guest judge Liza Treyger (Comedy Central, Netflix)!

Contestants include comedians: Alex Kumin, Joe Fernandez, Chelsea Hood, Cleveland Anderson, Kyle Scanlan, Nate Burrows & MORE!

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