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The Gist: An Improvised Sketch Show

The Gist: An Improvised Sketch Show

Friday, December 16, 2022

2:00 AM

So the gist is… that this is a sketch revue where all of the sketches are improvised for the very first time in front of you, the audience. When the lights come up each performer will set their scene, cast their characters, and you will watch as the sketch that started as just an idea evolves into a scene all it’s own through the imaginations and comedic prowess of the ensemble.

Featuring four variety acts throughout the running order, there is talent and nuance abound for everyone to enjoy.

** Please be advised that the Newport Theater is a vaccination-only venue (proof of vax required).Please bring a mask to wear up to the bar. Learn more at

The Newport is up a flight of stairs and while there is no elevator, we can provide a private entrance with a railing. Two all-gender single-stall restrooms onsite.

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