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Body Confidence for Queens: The Women's Perspective

Body Confidence for Queens: The Women's Perspective

Saturday, October 1, 2022

2:00 AM

Body Confidence for Queens (BCQ), is a trailblazing Dance Company native to Chicago. This sanctuary teaches Queens the exploration of their minds and bodies through dance, thus fostering an environment of confident and body positive individuals.

Since the creation of BCQ in January 2020, BCQ has reached over 800 Queens, through BCQ dance classes, workshops, and community events. On September 30th 2021 BCQ hosted and sold out its 1st ever burlesque showcase curated by the Queen herself MochaMocha2.0. The 2021 showcase highlighted the lives of women by covering controversial topics such as body dysmorphia, societal beauty standards and stigmas of the “perfect body”.

This year we are back with BCQ’s 2nd annual burlesque showcase, and the theme is The Woman's Perspective. This showcase will dissect the lives of Chicago women, hearing and witnessing their experiences, and thoughts on existing as a woman in today's society. Join us for this refreshed burlesque showcase, filled with narratives from our own Body Confidence Queens. With this showcase, we aim to inspire, motivate and educate others in the realm of the woman’s perspective.

Doors open at 8PM. Show starts at 9PM

Written & Directed by Kat Karasi.

Produced & choreographed by MochaMocha2.0.

Sounds by DJ Khalimelon


- This event is for fully vaccinated patrons only (2 weeks past final shot) and proof of vaccination (card, app, photo) required.

- Please bring a mask with you to wear up to the bar

- The venue is up a flight of stairs (no elevator). Email for accessibility requests and/or check out

Parking is a hassle. I strongly recommend using the app Spot Hero or Ubering

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