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Dancing Chakras: Bollywood with a Twist!

Dancing Chakras: Bollywood with a Twist!

Sunday, February 27, 2022

3:00 AM

See the beauty of Bollywood/Indian culture presented through Indian Classical dance, Bellydance, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Modern and Yoga.

Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience never seen before.

Watch the dancers transform into the 7 different chakras of Yoga or get inspired from them representing spiritual connection, perception, self-expression, love, power, sexual energy and survival. Join us to see the beauty of Bollywood and Indian culture presented by these talented dancers trained in diverse dance styles from Indian Classical dance styles, Bellydance, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Modern and Yoga practitioners as they create Bollywood magic on stage with a twist! Come dance with us!

The Dancing Chakras show provides a rare glimpse into the world of Bollywood, while also highlighting the 7 chakras of Yoga. Witness the artistry of multiple dance forms while being able to learn about the body's energy centers. This is an experience you won't soon forget! Get ready to be enthralled by the show!

- This event is for fully vaccinated patrons only (2 weeks past final shot) and proof of vaccination (card, app, photo) required.
- Masks required per Illinois mandate
- The venue is up a flight of stairs (no elevator). Email for accessibility requests and/or check out See less

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