SiNister: a night of sanguine ritual

Join us beyond the veil for an evening of dark, ritualistic drag & burlesque acts by some of Chicago’s most twisted and talented performers. SINister is for lovers of the macabre, the odd and occult. For those who love a heavy dose of ceremony with their cocktail, who equally love melodrama and melancholy, and who want an immersive experience that will haunt your dreams.

Show up at 7pm for your “transfusion” cocktail hour and then the danse macabre begins. Your ghostly host with the most, Noah Grey will guide you through SINister, and it’s sanguine story of dark ritual with performances by Kat Sass, Shimmy LaRoux, Jimmie Swagger, Eva La Feva and more. Bring your fears, your fantasies and folly to an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

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