Shoot the Shit

Looking to get video of a burlesque, drag, or variety act for an upcoming show or festival? Then Shoot the Shit is right for you!

We provide a beautiful stage to perform your act (with two tries and/or 2 different angles) in order to get beautiful video that can be used to send to producers, festivals, and more! We will also have a photographer on hand to offer photos of your act for promotional purposes as well!

This is an incredible opportunity for both the audience and performers to come together for a unique supportive experience.

If youd like to shoot a video, please purchase a Shoot the Shit ticket for $15, then email for more details about the shoot.

If youd like to watch the show, and support fellow performers in the community, purchase a Watch the Shit ticket for $10, giving you entry to be an audience member for this amazing show!

If you have a friend that youd like to bring to cheer you on, purchase a Buddy System ticket for $20, which includes one ticket to shoot an act, and one ticket for a friend to watch.

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