I'm Feeling This

I'm Feeling This is a one-person show (in this case, a man) written and performed by Drew Davis. After finding and falling in love with the art and process of storytelling, Drew endeavored to challenge himself to create a show that relied not just on storytelling but on several skills to build a narrative, engage the audience, and, most importantly, leave his audience with questions and curiosities that did not exist prior to the show. Rather than organize a story by genre or theme, this show is organized around feelings - itches, inclinations, identities, and oddities that Drew has encountered through his life. Within and among these feelings, stories have emerged that may trigger an emotion or question of you that you did not expect (at least, that's the plan). Incorporating storytelling, spoken word, original song performances, and a little bit of audio/visual pixie dust, this 45-minute show is guaranteed to be a spectacle you will want to discuss on the ride home, and the next day, and perhaps, for a long, long time.

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