A Red Hot Case

Burlington Showtime and the crew of SRD are ready to revel in the high of making it through 11 episodes by producing yet another! Join these entertainment underdogs for a show in which nothing at all untoward will come to pass and everything will unfold as planned!* The Showtimes and the SRD staff are thrilled to be throwing a show unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Make sure you get all the sensory input possible by coming to the live performance and celebration of our fourth year of podcasting!

A Red Hot Case is a live comedy show and podcast taping brought to you by Starlight Radio Dreams, a Chicago based podcasting company.

*Fingers crossed

The Starlight Radio Dreams Team Includes Anna Gaetke, Ansel Burch, Arne Parrott, Ben McCauley, Ellen DeSitter, Kamron Palmer, Kat Evans, Karolyn Blake, Jared McDaris, Michael Jachowicz and Rachel Granda-Gluski with Sam Locke
Writing Assisted by Sarah Bowden

The Newport Theater has a great bar available all through the show including mystery shots! You can get a refill in the same room and never miss a second of the hilarity that this will be.

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