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Raks Geek: Nine Lives

Raks Geek: Nine Lives

Saturday, August 21, 2021

1:00 AM

"Ever seen a Wookiee bellydance? This can be remedied." - MSN. Join a world-class cast of cosplaying performers for the ultimate geekfest!
About this event
Ever seen a Wookiee bellydance? This can be remedied." - MSN
It's our 9th birthday, and you're invited to the intimate, COVID-safe celebration!

Experience nerd delight! Hang with the bellydancing Wookiee, firespinning superheroes, and sword-wielding villains for a brand-new production of fire, cosplay, and wonder every other month - we'll pay tribute to everything from X-Men to Star Wars, Doctor Who to Silent Hill, Super Mario Bros to Sandman.

So grab a Romulan Ale, help raise money for local non-profit orgs, and geek out with world-class performers - don't miss one of the most unique experiences in the Alpha Quadrant!

This show is limited to fully vaccinated patrons (two weeks past their final shot). Patrons will be required to show proof of vaccination for entry. Limited tickets available - the theatre will be at no more than 50% capacity.


"Sci-fi seduction." - The Daily Mail (UK)
Voted "Best Dance Troupe" (runner up) by the Chicago Reader, Raks Geek is the premiere bellydance, flow arts, and fire performance company by geeks for geeks - they broke the internet's collective brain with a viral video of a Wookiee bellydancing to a four-piece Klingon band playing an original song in Shyriiwook. Raks Geek is based in Chicago, but they've made waves nationally and internationally on MSN, The Daily Mail, and WGN-TV through their commitment to blend a high degree of artistic and technical mastery with fun, creativity, and themes from nerd culture.

"Absolutely electric from the moment they took the stage... amazing art in motion." - Third Coast Review

"Do your plans for this evening include seeing a shimmying Wookie, a dancing Mario, and flames spun into elegant patterns of fury and destruction? They should now!" - Mighty Ink Comics

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