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Ugly Sweater (No Pants)

Ugly Sweater (No Pants)

The CatNip Cabaret presents their company debut burlesque show - Ugly Sweater (No Pants)

This burlesque show turns the holidays on it's head and makes us realize what is truly important for this time of year ... No Pants.

Step into the world of the CatNip Cabaret, where funny meets sexy and pants are always optional! Chicago has a new, high-caliber, hilarious burlesque show and it’s coming to Newport Theater December 11th and 18th at 8:00 pm.

The ensemble of CatNip will expertly perform hysterical solo burlesque pieces in what will quickly become your favorite Christmas party: Ugly Sweater (No Pants).

Tickets are $10
Be sure to bring your wallets for the bar and for tips.

The CatNip Cabaret is happy to offer a free coat check and an optional pants check* if you are in the holiday spirit of the show.

Alegra Fishnet
La Petite Malört
Vera Port de Bras
Paula Von Trap

Curly Hair No Care

Bucky Emmerling

*Full nudity is prohibited at the Newport Theater

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