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PussyWolf Performance Showcase

PussyWolf Performance Showcase

Monday, November 15, 2021

1:00 AM

The wonders of Pussy Magic meet the wildness of SheWolf for...
PussyWolf interactive educational experience + performance showcase exploring the Erotic as Healing.

Our pussy magic is the femme essence of creativity, chaos, + pure energy that exists within sensation. It is our wildness, outside of structure. It is in imbalance in our Patriarchal world, + by exploring our erotic power, pussy magic, + SheWolf wildness we level the scales back to a balance point, a nonbinary blend.

As the SheWolf, our eros shows the way to our wildness. Our desires are the compass to uncovering our truest selves.
Our wild selves call us home, away from pre-described turn ons, assumptions, judgements, boxes of gender or culture, + needing to ' fit in'. We find ourselves through exploring our truest erotic selves, + in the process we heal ourselves and the world.

Though a Pussy Magic masterclass led by Gaea Lady, connect to your own innate femme magic, wisdom, power through guided burlesque inspired movements + embodied awareness.

SheWolf Sacred is about recalling what is natural, instinctual, + vital within the human experience. Julie 'Mama Wolf' Brannen invites you to connect to your wild + joyous body. You are invited to get out of your head + into the flow. You are invited to dance as a source of creative expression. You are welcomed to allow the primal creature inside be your muse. This workshop includes guided + collaborative movement improvisation + integrative story telling. Through personal reflection + community immersion, participants will engage in a felt sense of being held in a creative process. We explore what is sacred to you + how it can serve you on your journey onward.

A showcase of performers from the Pussy Magic Program + the SheWolf Collective show a diversity in approaches of the erotic as healing in a 90 min theater style show

Hear from the artists after the show to witness the process in creating vulnerable and impactful art. Ask your questions + get a sneak peek into the process of creation.

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