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The Lincoln Lodge Presents: Matt Ruby Does an Hour

The Lincoln Lodge Presents: Matt Ruby Does an Hour

"The best and most important moment I witnessed in comedy this year was Matt Ruby closing out his show at Docs Lab on the day after the election...Everyone in the room that night witnessed something really special. Matt gave us a much needed dose of positivity, and to be honest, Im still living off it today."
-Jeff Zamaria, Manager at Docs Lab in San Francisco, in The Interrobang's "The Best Stand Up Comedy Moments"

Comedian Matt Ruby (Comedy Central, MTV, FOX,, etc.) comes to Chicago to do a headliner set that will be a sneak preview of his new special to be taped in January. Matt's a regular at the Comedy Cellar in NYC and his album "HOT FLASHES" was top 10 at iTunes and is in regular rotation on Sirius XM. He's performerd around the world and has also been featured on, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, New York magazine, Splitsider, and more. Matt loves to call out the BS in our society and will be poking holes in how we talk about politics, technology, and love. It'll be a night you'll remember for the rest of your life (or a couple of days at least)!

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