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Pole Me Closer: Pole Dance Showcase

Pole Me Closer: Pole Dance Showcase

Sunday, October 30, 2022

2:30 AM

Grab your dollar bills and get ready to make it rain! The Newport Theater is bringing you a brand new, one-night-only event featuring Chicago's exciting and erotic pole artists! It's the decadent all-pole strip club of your dreams - and whatever your flavor is, we've got something for every taste. The cast includes Mala Mía, Mateo Rodriguez, Kaya, Molly Meriu, Patti Zikmund, and Anghell.

Please be advised:

Proof of vaccination required.

Please bring a mask to wear up to the bar/bathrooms

The Newport Theater is up a flight of stairs (no elevator) but a private entrance with a railing and seating near a side door/wheel-chair restroom can be arranged with advance notice. Email for more information or learn more at

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