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Late Night 5

Late Night 5

Be in a live recording audience!

In the world of stand up comedy, there are few things more coveted than a late-night television set! Every year, many comedians make their break on live TV to a broadcast audience of millions. Every seasoned comedian has a "Tight 5" or a "Late Night 5" stand up comedy set. This set is a 5-minute set that's PURE GOLD, most comics know their Tight 5 beat for beat, syllable or syllable. It is the set they would tell if network execs were to call their name and ask them to be on TV. While a handful of comics every year get to run their "Late Night Five" on TV, many amazing comics never get their chance. Unfortunate, right?!

Well, fortunately for you, we'll have lights, a late-night camera set up, and an amazing warm-up act to set the stage for 6 of Chicago's best-emerging comedians to show off their Late Night 5! Come be apart of the audience and have your laughter immortalized in some of the best stands up comedy clips that will be posted on the internet after the show!

Apart from the live show, Late Night 5 is also a web-series. After each live show, the comedians will be interviewed by Late Night 5's host Matt Banwart. In the interview, they will break down how they feel about their set, what inspires them, and why the chose to tell the jokes that they did. For updates on the web series, make sure to follow Late Night 5's Facebook page!

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