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Newport Peek-Easy: Socially-Distanced Mini Shows

Newport Peek-Easy: Socially-Distanced Mini Shows

Get a small taste of the theater experience in a socially-distanced setting - The Newport Theater presents "Newport Peek-Easy."

Sign up in advance for one of four nightly seatings with a 20-person capacity per show. Enjoy 5 performances (4 live performances and one digital) featuring top Chicago performance artists. Your ticket includes a specialty curated to-go cocktail so you can continue your experience at home.

Tipping is highly encouraged (electronic only), as are ordering additional to-go drinks from our extensive menu for advance purchase.

Here are the measures we're taking to provide the safest onsite experience we can offer our audiences:

- Advance ticket/to-go drink sales only - no on-site purchase allowed.
- Infrared temperature checks for all audience members, staff, and performers before entry.
- Mask usage required for the entire time onsite, NO EXCEPTIONS **
- Tables spaced 6' apart and limited time onsite - total onsite time for audience members will be 30-40 minutes.
- A separate entrance and exit to limit crossover between entering/exiting patrons
- Seating/entrance instructions/entrance communicated in advance by email
- In between seatings, we will be opening the windows/running fans to ventilate the space while we sanitize.
- Bathroom/common area/dressing room/theater disinfection multiple times throughout the night and before/after every seating.

Here are the steps we're taking to help artists:

- Providing a guaranteed rate plus a tip split to try to provide sustainable income for artists at a time when there's little work available
- Only two performers onsite at any time, each with access to a private, sanitized dressing room and private bathroom not accessible to the public
- Separate sanitized containers for collecting discarded costuming items onstage
- Designated stage entrance and exit points to eliminate backstage crossover
- Tables will be at least 6' from the front of the stage.

** Anyone who is not wearing an appropriate mask, tries to challenge the mask policy or takes off their mask onsite will be asked to leave and no refund will be given. These shows are designed for patrons willing to play their part to protect everyone onsite. If you cannot or will not wear a mask the entire time you're onsite, we ask you to not come to our venue.

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