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Delirium: Danse Macabre

Delirium: Danse Macabre

Sun Oct 27 2:30 am


A nd to celebrate the most haunted of seasons, Chicago burlesque upstart Willy LaQueue and his cast of dastardly demons, malicious merrymakers, and rotted roustabouts will be guiding you on a dazzlingly deviant journey through the afterlife- via the cabarets of 1900s Paris!

L eave your worries, your cares, and your corporeal form behind as you ascend up the Newport Theater's stairs, drift through Willy's mind, twirl through your own demise, and tiptoe the the Eternal Flames- and your return is yet to be determined!

DELIRIUM is a cabaret production unlike any other in the city. Channeling inspirations from the opera house to the strip club, Willy and his cast take the audience on a journey back in time to party with the queer revolutionaries of yesteryear.

P lease be advised:

The Newport Theater is up a flight of stairs (no elevator) but a private entrance with a railing and seating near a side door/wheel-chair restroom can be arranged with advance notice. Email for more information or learn more at

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