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Delirium: The Bacchanal

Delirium: The Bacchanal

Sun Apr 21 2:30 am


Delight yourself in the deliciously deviant, decadently debaucherous world of DELIRIUM! Chicago burlesque upstart Willy LaQueue invites you to attend his raucous burlesque cabaret production featuring a rotating cast of nightlife luminaries from the Windy City and beyond. Indulge yourself in dancing disrobing divas, sirens of song, and feats from freakish fiends!

In celebration of Spring's return, the theme of this soiree is Bacchanalia: Revelry & Resistance! Followers of the Greek God of Wine & Pleasure, Bacchus, used to throw legendary parties that got more, and more, and MORE wild as the night roared on. Can our entrancing entertainers conjure up that same madness in the Newport Theater? This production includes optional immersive elements to arouse all of your senses and welcome you into our world. DELIRIUM always has a signature cocktail to assist you in achieving the proper mental state- and darling, once it goes down the hatch, there's no telling where the night will go!


  • There may be flashing lights
  • There may be sideshow performances that include sharp objects, fire, or other dangerous materials
  • If you would prefer to not be interacted with during the show, simply place your hands over your heart and the performer will be happy to give you space.

Doors open 30 minutes prior to the show.

P lease be advised:

The Newport Theater is up a flight of stairs (no elevator) but a private entrance with a railing and seating near a side door/wheel-chair restroom can be arranged with advance notice. Email for more information or learn more at

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