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RPG-13: A Role Playing & Improv Comedy Show

RPG-13: A Role Playing & Improv Comedy Show

Sat Mar 16 12:30 am

Join our Tavern Keeper, as they invite a volunteer from the audience (maybe you!), and will help you create your very own role playing adventure, with the help of our Game Master, and our company of Adventurers. You get to pick which Adventurer will be your character, and with the roll of the dice, the Game Master will help you create the location and genre of your adventure. However, as the story unfolds, the random roll of the dice will be the deciding factor on how well your adventure goes. Roll a 20, a glorious success! Roll a 1, a hilarious disaster! Come see how we roll, and enjoy your adventure!

Doors open at 7pm / curtain at 7:30pm

Please be advised: The Newport is up a flight of stairs, but they can arrange a less trafficked access point with a railing. Two all-gender restrooms onsite (one is wheelchair accessible.) Learn more at or email them at

For more on us, find us on social media @

Email us at


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