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"Host with the Most!"  An Emcee workshop with Aunt Nance

"Host with the Most!" An Emcee workshop with Aunt Nance

Sat Jun 17 4:00 pm

Want to learn to connect, captivate and pump up a crowd? Excited to hone your skills on the mic? Well Aunt Nance, seasoned cabaret performer, producer and host about town is here to help you develop your top of show rules + tools, build audience participation games, balance your bits and get you feeling more confident + composed when you step in front of a crowd to host!

This workshop will help new and seasoned hosts alike develop their top of show rules + tools when working in the burlesque, drag and variety community, explore audience banter + participation games, peek into character development, all while working to help hosts feel connected and confident with their audiences. We'll utilize improv games, audience participation activities, mic techniques, explore example taglines and intros and build a repertoire of tried, true and unique-to-you hosting techniques that will keep audiences engaged and performers excited to come on stage.

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